How will ‘Brexit’ affect climate change?

brexit for blogAs some of the dust begins to settle from the immediate effects of ‘Brexit’ many questions will remain unanswered for some time. The impact of ‘Brexit’ on responsible and sustainable business practices is an interesting one. Much of the spirit of responsible and sustainable business practice is based around joint working, collaboration and a joint approach to key issues, which seemingly, at least on a European wide basis may well falter, at least in the short term.

Climate change will be very interesting in the longer term and although the UK will remain an individual signatory to the Paris agreement, it will be interesting to see if the future UK ‘nationally determined contribution’ to reduction in carbon emissions will be watered down at all.

The UKs contribution within the European Union has been significant thus far, the reduction of the combined 28 member states on carbon emissions in 2015 as compared to a 1990 baseline was 24.4%. The UK alone achieved a 38% reduction in the same time frame. Without the UK figures the 27 member states figure would drop to under 23% (22.8% to be accurate).

Let’s hope that our performance in reducing carbon emissions is something which the UK takes great pride in and wants to further develop and continue lead on, and that ‘Brexit’ does not become the excuse to fall behind and become average where we were once we led the field. Only time will tell.

August 2016