Energy Management, Made Easy

FrontCoverFar too many companies put energy management in the important, but not urgent box, and typically it doesn’t get addressed, or just to move it off the list a quick ‘switch off’ campaign is organised and the potential for real progress is missed.

One problem behind this, is often that the potential savings are dealt with in a completely different way to how organisations approach, for example, the potential profits from a new contract. It would be hard to envisage a tender for a contract which would deliver say, £50,000 annual profit slipping down the priority list, in the same way that, for example, a comprehensive energy review which may save £50,000 p.a. could. The figures of course are fully scaleable in that a contract worth £50,000 profit per annum may be small beer to some, or huge figures to others, but nonetheless you get the general point.

Another obstacle can, of course, be the vast array of ‘expert’ opinion out there, often simply serving a product or approach that a company may be promoting and therefore a million miles from the balanced overview that would significantly help companies to make informed decisions.

So, if the above has a resonance for your company, let us point you to resource that is both comprehensive and free! Niall Enright’s ‘Energy Management Without The Tears’ is an engaging, informative book offering a step by step process to energy efficiency and is free to download. Covering everything from data capture on which to make informed decisions, to proven technologies (and some unproven ones to avoid) to getting your people on board and recognising and sharing success, the book is written in a very engaging and accessible way. Also don’t be put off by the 800 pages either, the excellent structure if the book allows the reader to dip easily in and out of sections of particular interest to them. Packed with case studies and sound advice the book is an great starting point for any company wishing to start addressing energy management or wanting to progress beyond ‘switch off’ campaigns.

You can download Niall’s book at the following link:

November 2017

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