Creating community impacts for the long term


Creating community impacts for the long term

Earlier this year we were delighted to collaborate with the British Transport Police on a school’s programme to highlight both the safety issues around trespass on the railways and to champion safe travel on the railway network. The resultant ‘Railsafe’ programme was a tremendous success, creating over 150 ‘Railsafe Ambassadors’ aged 9 and 10, via a day they will never forget. Their words not ours!

In total 160 children from 3 schools in York and Leeds participated in eight 30 minute sessions comprising of 6 varied sporting activities they were unlikely to have tried previously, including Quidditch and Hula Hoop tricks, plus a session on Rail Safety delivered by British Transport Police and a session on Safe Travel, delivered by one of the train operating companies, Grand Central.

Light of touch in its approach, the day also included a 30 minute table tennis session coached by two Team GB table tennis players Karina Le Fevre & Daniel Reed. The message on Rail Safety was nicely framed by British Transport Police as ‘Tracks are for trains, not for games’ and the safe travel message outlined how comprehensive the rail network is and what a safe method of transport it offers. Prizes of free family train travel were also handed out and every child got a goody bag on the day.

The case study of the event is available here on our web site or simply click below. However, the message is simply this, even one-off community events can leave a lifetimes impression is handled and structured correctly, they don’t have to be high tech, or expensive they simply have to be engaging, fun and have a strong message.

Collins McHugh are now in discussion with potential partners to support the British Transport Police ‘Railsafe’ programme going forward.

November 2017

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