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Important Changes to ISO 14001

Introduction: In today’s global markets, the requirement for organisations to demonstrate that they are a competitive, responsible and reliable supplier have never been greater. Gaining external accreditation to international environmental and quality management standards is becoming more and more a pre requisite for doing business. Since 2010 on average approximately 15,000 ISO 14001 certifications are […]

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How will ‘Brexit’ affect climate change?

As some of the dust begins to settle from the immediate effects of ‘Brexit’ many questions will remain unanswered for some time. The impact of ‘Brexit’ on responsible and sustainable business practices is an interesting one. Much of the spirit of responsible and sustainable business practice is based around joint working, collaboration and a joint […]

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Are we doing enough to address Climate Change?

I just can’t help commenting on the brilliant article I read by Dr Bjorn Lomborg in the Sunday Times re Climate Change last weekend He cut through the lies, damned lies and statistics approach to our trying to convince ourselves that we are making meaningful progress on CO2 emissions. He made his case that […]

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