Alkane Energy

Gas to Power operator Alkane Energy are the UK’s leading producer of electricity from Coal Mine Methane (CMM).

Collins McHugh produced a CSR overview for their Annual Report prior to working with the company to further establish a set of CSR Guiding Principles and establish the company’s carbon footprint.

Unlike most companies the nature of Alkane’s business means that as each new operating site becomes functional they actually become more carbon positive taking a gas (methane) that is 23 times more detrimental to the climate change agenda and turning it into electricity.

In 2013 we are producing for Alkane their first distinct Corporate Social Responsibility Report outlining the positive environmental and social impacts of the company, to support their future plans for growth and increase stakeholder awareness.

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In our industry brand value counts for a lot, we wanted to give more profile to the positive approach we take to our responsibilities, Collins McHugh helped us to do that quickly and cost effectively.
– Steve Goalby, Finance Director, Alkane Energy -