Few, if any companies are out there trying to be irresponsible! But many are under-utilising what could be a much more powerful agenda for driving their business forward. We can change that quickly and cost effectively with our comprehensive range of services.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

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To gain the most from any business activity it helps to have clarity about what you are aiming to achieve, who it is aimed at and what good looks like, hence the need for a clear strategy for your approach to corporate social responsibility.

Are you hoping to drive sales, reduce costs, influence your markets, engage your people or simple add to your brand values? Or all of those! The purpose of your corporate social responsibility activity will affect what your strategy should be, how it should be implemented and who should be involved. Most importantly your strategy should give clear indications from its inception as to how its success will be measured and evaluated and the processes for reviewing and fine tuning as you progress.

Collins McHugh has worked with a diverse range of clients whose drivers for corporate social responsibility have ranged from planning gain to product sales, from staff retention through to significantly reducing energy costs. However, without exception those clients that have set out with clarity on what they want to achieve via their corporate social responsibility strategy have been the most successful, we will help you structure your approach and achieve the clarity of purpose to best suit your company.

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

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At a loss as to where to start? Unsure what to look for? Need an objective assessment?

Let Collins McHugh undertake a 2 day corporate social responsibility overview to provide you with the basic indicators of where you currently stand on the corporate social responsibility agenda.

Spending one day in your offices and speaking to key people regarding how you interact with your employees, customers, suppliers and a brief overview of any environmental or community activity within your organisation will allow us to provide you with all the information you may require to get out of the starting blocks.

Day two will be the putting together of the report for your organisation including any recommendations, quick wins etc that we may identify, and any follow up phone calls to tidy up any loose ends.

Informal and informative the process is likely to throw up more good practice than you think and establish a momentum to move forward.

Don’t sit on the fence any longer, pick up the phone and get started on this increasingly important agenda.

Corporate Social Responsibility Benchmarking

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What gets measured gets managed. Whether you simply choose to set your own key performance indicators and set milestones toward achieving them or if you choose to support this process through an external process such as CR index, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, or through more specific formats such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, Collins McHugh can help advise and guide on the risks and opportunities attached to different approaches.

Collins McHugh can look at your performance in the Community, Environment, Marketplace, and Workplace and help you benchmark your responsible business performance. We then provide a gap analysis and suggest ways in which your corporate social responsibility performance may improve via a range of different measures.

This varies enormously from company to company including stakeholder engagement panels for your customers, diversity programmes, volunteering activity to senior Board level training on the benefits of an active corporate social responsibility programme. In its simplest form it may just be that we work with you to identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) best suited to aligning corporate social responsibility with improved business performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

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As corporate social responsibility continues to move up the Boardroom and Investment agendas, so the movement to report organisation’s social and environmental impacts has grown.

Companies report in numerous formats, Corporate Social Responsibility Reports, Sustainability Reports or sometimes under their own programme names, such as M&S Plan A. However, most reports have as their central core the social and environmental impacts of their operations which for larger companies is now mandatory under the heading non-financial indicators.

Such reports cover numerous activities including community engagement, environmental performance, partnerships with suppliers and customers and work training and developing employees. Collins McHugh can work with you to devise the best reporting methods, focusing on the key messages you want to get to key audiences.

Below are examples of reports that we have produced for our clients. Click on the images to download the pdf.

Trafford Centre CR report 2012Speedy One Plan Report 2012






CR Index submissions

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Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index)

The Corporate Responsibility Index devised by Business in the Community and run in conjunction with the Sunday Times, is a Government recognised process for measuring your organisation’s corporate social responsibility performance.

The Index, published annually in the ‘Companies that Count’ supplement in the Financial Times, analyses performance in the areas of Strategy, Integration, Management Practice, and Assurance.

Perhaps more importantly it provides a risk/opportunity overview for an organisation showing the business benefits of increasingly responsible business practice. This covers a range of issues including risk management, brand values, supply chain management, employee and customer satisfaction.

Unlike FTSE for Good or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which are both investment based indices, the CR Index is a business management tool. All of the companies that Collins McHugh have facilitated the CR Index for have found the process to have brought positive impact to their organisations, often finding that engaging on the corporate social responsibility agenda has provided them with a competitive edge with their customer base.

Environmental Programmes

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An area that took off immediately after the credit crunch when the “carbon = cost” mantra came home to roost. Companies could no longer ignore both the quick wins and the long term financial benefits of a proactive approach to environmental management. Costs associated with energy, waste and water are only going one way, higher, and show no signs of slowing up.

Let Collins McHugh handle your integrated approach to the environment either as a bespoke programme (an Environmental Management System tailored directly to your operations) or through the ISO framework, most commonly ISO14001, ISO16001 and recently ISO50001.

Good environmental management, however, is no longer just about efficient cost and risk management it is also about brand values and the perception of your company in the wider community, including the investment community!

Our environmental management team are not just experienced in best practice in systems and procedures, they have worked in industry and know the best ways to engage your people and practically implement a strategic approach to the environment.

With the introduction of mandatory Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting on the horizon, we’ve also introduced a brand new service to help you get started and identify where your reporting is currently at and what you might need to do to get ready for the changes, if you are one of the companies impacted by this new legislation.

Find out more about our new two day programme

Supplier Engagement

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It has long been discussed that the supply chain or procurement deaprtment in any organisation should be at the forefront of sustainability best practice and innovation.

A Guardian Sustainable Business blog post in 2012 claimed that problems of unpaid wages, working hours, safe working conditions, freedom of association and environmental stewardship have not improved as quickly as many stakeholders would like. It also warned that companies should analyse carefully both their supply chains and how they engage them. The post goes on to state that, “unfortunately, the last few years have seen a decline in creative approaches and investment in strong supply chain engagement programmes. At the same time, the problems of unpaid wages, working hours, safe working conditions, freedom of association, environmental stewardship and workforce engagement have not improved as quickly as many stakeholders would like.”

To address this issue and to help our clients, Collins McHugh has developed a unique Excellence through Partnership (EtP) model, aimed at supporting sustainability in your supply chain.

The model consists of:

  • Six workshops focusing on social and environmental best practice
  • Ways of working to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Opportunities for your suppliers to have bespoke consultancy advice on issues of particular significance to them

The model delivers expertise in many areas including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Transport management
  • Waste management
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Community engagement
  • Health and safety
  • Relevant legislation including the bribery act
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability reporting, PR, brand values

Find out more about our Excellence through Partnership model.

Staff Volunteering Programmes / Community Engagement

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Great opportunity here to win the hearts and minds of your people and your communities at the same time!

Volunteering gives the perfect opportunity to broker relationships between your company and the community or voluntary sector, potentially around projects that benefit your brand, increase PR opportunities, and give your staff and company the opportunity to ‘add value’ to the communities in which you operate.

Projects, certainly in the initial stages, tend to work better as group activity, often bringing together different functions from your company and making the impact of a day’s volunteering both visible and hopefully, rewarding. However, as time progresses volunteering may be on an individual or small group basis to meet the requirements of both the company and the community.

At Collins McHugh we have facilitated a range of activity for G4S and MediaCityUK around a variety of business drivers.

Awards submissions

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Collins McHugh has been delighted to work with a number of companies on the submission of their awards entries with outstanding success, most recently with Speedy, Peel and British Transport Police.

We would be delighted to support a submission from your company, or simply have a discussion around areas of your performance that you feel may have awards potential.

You may be surprised to find out how good you are!

Awards Montage


Health and Wellbeing 

An area of huge growth in the corporate sector, the internal support on the health and wellbeing agenda of your employees makes sense on so many levels. First, it is simply the right thing to do, your people are your engine room, they are more than likely your biggest investment, so looking after them makes a lot of sense! Stress and related wellbeing issues account for a major 35% of absence in the workplace.

Our Health Creation programme can deal with all aspects of a healthy and happy (and therefore motivated) workforce. From managing stress, to nutrition and general wellbeing our programme will measure your oragnisations baseline position and implement a 6 month programme to create a healthier workplace. Watch those absence rates crumble!

For more information email and put Health and Wellbeing in the subject bar.