Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

As corporate social responsibility continues to move up the Government and investment agendas, so the requirement to report organisation’s social and environmental impacts has grown.

Companies report in numerous formats, Corporate Social Responsibility Reports, Sustainability Reports, Social Impact Reports or sometimes under their own programme names, such as M&S Plan A. However, most reports have as their central core the social and environmental impacts of their operations.

Such reports cover numerous activities including community engagement, environmental performance, partnerships with suppliers and customers and training and developing employees. Collins McHugh can work with you to devise the best reporting methods, focusing on the key messages you want to get to key audiences.

Below are examples of reports that we have produced for our clients. Click on the images to download the pdf.

PEEL PORTS CSR Report cover.jpg
FM CONWAY CSR report cover.jpg
Speedy CSR Report cover.jpg
YODEL CSR Report 2018 v14 cover.jpg