Few, if any companies are out there trying to be irresponsible! But many are under-utilising what could be a much more powerful agenda for driving their business forward. We can change that quickly and cost effectively with our comprehensive range of services.

​Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

To gain the most from any business activity it helps to have clarity about what you are aiming to achieve, who it's aimed at and what good looks like. The need for clarity in your strategic approach to CSR is as important as any other part of your business.


Are you hoping to drive sales, address climate change, influence your markets, engage your people or simply add to your brand values? Or all of those! The purpose of your corporate social responsibility activity will affect what your strategy should be, how it should be implemented and who should be involved. Importantly, your strategy should also give a clear indication from the start as to how its success will be measured and evaluated, and the processes for reviewing and fine tuning as you progress.

Collins McHugh has worked with a diverse range of clients whose drivers for corporate social responsibility have ranged from brand value to product sales, from staff retention through to significantly reducing carbon. We will help you structure your strategic approach to achieve your objectives.