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Case Study: 
The BFFF enlist Collins McHugh for Essential Mental Health Training


The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) is the UK’s frozen food trade association. Boasting over 200 members which include producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, brokers, retailers and related associate businesses. As the BFFF members cover the entire cold chain, from large companies to SMEs, it can help to influence Government and outside agencies.


The BFFF had been receiving requests from staff to deliver a training session on Mental Health First Aid, so they knew how to spot someone who may be struggling with their mental health and take the initial steps to helping them. The BFFF were also looking at the possibility of engaging members on this agenda and wanted to try the course prior to promoting it themselves. With most staff on home working contracts, members dispersed through the UK, and with no one in house qualified to deliver the training, they required a personable trainer who could deliver this important, and often emotive training online.


The BFFF spoke to Collins McHugh about our MHFA England half day Mental Health Awareness Course, designed to increase knowledge around mental health in the workplace, reduce the stigma, identify someone struggling with their mental health and give them the confidence to help. We took the course online, so that it was available to all staff who wanted to attend regardless of their location.


Feedback from the awareness course has been fantastic, with attendees reporting an average increase in knowledge of 44%, increase in confidence of 37% and 100% of attendees recommended the trainer. The attendees liked that they could do the course in the comfort of their own home, and because they knew each other, if they wanted to share their own experiences it made it easier. Some reported that they felt it brought them closer as a team, as they opened up and shared their own personal experiences.


Carla Brown, Health & Safety Assistant for BFFF said of the course: “It was great to do it as a team, we felt comfortable speaking about ourselves and sharing our stories and experiences, if we wanted to. It has made us more aware of each other. We all really benefitted from the course and everyone felt comfortable and well informed with Andy as our facilitator. Would highly recommend!”


The impact for the individuals who attended can be seen in the overall rise in knowledge and confidence, and just like physical first aid, it’s a life skill that can save lives.


The training will also contribute towards the BFFF’s CSR agenda, improving their overall social value. Long-term they should see a reduction in the number of absences due to mental health issues and improved staff retention rates, as early intervention ensures that people get the help they need and feel supported in the workplace.

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