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Dates for your diary

There are so many awareness days, mainly aimed at putting a spotlight on an issue that needs addressing, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, that it can sometimes have the opposite effect and see businesses not wanting to take part in any for fear of missing an important one out. Some appear to be more just for fun, such as Random Acts of Kindness Day, but are spreading a great message and can really cheer up those who are delivering the act of kindness and those in receipt of it. Carried out as a team, and it can turn into a great team bonding exercise too.

If you choose which days you’re going to support carefully, it can really help strengthen your CSR efforts, giving you a programme of planned, strategic activity for the year ahead. You don’t have to go all out on the awareness days you choose, for example:


  • Employee Appreciation Day – Leave a small gift for each employee, send a card with a message of thanks for all their hard work or let them have a longer lunch that day.

  • Debt Awareness Week – send out communication on your social channels and intranet signposting people to where they can receive advice and help.

  • Global Recycling Day – Use this day to highlight what you’re already doing in terms of recycling, or launch a new recycling initiative. Write articles that can be posted on your website, intranet and social sites so all stakeholders are aware of what you are doing. Post suggestions to help people with their recycling, ask staff for their suggestions to share too.


For awareness days your organisation is more focussed on, you can look at a full programme of activities to support it. For Mental Health Awareness Week you could:


  • Bring someone in to deliver a talk around how to spot someone suffering with their mental health and how to take the first steps to help

  • Train and appoint mental health first aiders – launching this activity during Mental Health Awareness Week

  • Offer a confidential counselling service to your staff

  • Arrange for stress relieving sessions, such as meditation, massages, yoga, lunch time walks etc. for your teams


The size of your organisation, budget, nature of work and if staff are remote or location based (project/head office), will undoubtably affect what you can do, the above examples are just to get your creative juices flowing. 


Below are some of the awareness days/weeks/months that you may want to support:



16th – Blue Monday


LGBT History Month

2nd – Time to Talk Day

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day



4th – Employee Appreciation Day

18th – Global Recycling Day

20th – International Day of Happiness

20th – 26th – Debt Awareness Week



Stress Awareness Month

1st – Walk to Work Day

28th – World Day For Safety and Health at Work



National Walking Month

4th – World Mental Health Day

9th – 15th – Mental Health Awareness Week

16th – 22nd – Learning at Work Week

21st – World Meditation Day



Pride Month

1st – 7th – Volunteers Week

5th – World Environment Day

6th – 12th – National Growing for Wellbeing Week

6th – 12th – Bike Week

16th – World Refill Day

16th – National Clean Air Day

24th – Bring Your Dog to Work Day

26th – 30th – World Wellbeing Week



1st – 31st - Talk To Us

Plastic Free July

30th July – World Day against Trafficking in Persons



4th – Cycle To Work Day



19th – 25th – Recycle Week

19th – 25th – International Week of Happiness at Work

22nd – World Car Free Day



7th – World Smile Day

10th – World Mental Health Day

10th – 14th – National Work Life Week

16th – 22nd – Big Energy Saving Week

18th – Anti Slavery Day



2nd – 6th – International Stress Awareness Week

6th - National Stress Awareness Day

9th – 13th – Talk Monday Week

22nd – Oceans of Plastic



6th - International Volunteers Day

12th – National Workplace Day of Remembrance


If you need any further ideas or assistance, call us on 0330 223 2965 or email we’re more than happy to help!

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