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Due to the coronavirus pandemic no dates will be available until Government Guidelines allow.


Introduction to CSR (£250 +VAT)



Environmental Management Systems Auditing (£250 +VAT)

A concise one day course which provides the perfect introduction to the subject of Environmental Management Systems Auditing.

Introduction to Measuring Social Value (£250 +VAT)

Including an overview of The United Nations SDG's.

SECR Reporting Requirements (£250 +VAT)

All you need to know to submit your mandatory SECR submission.


CSR Overview Report (£1,000 +VAT)

At a loss as to where to start? Unsure what to look for? Need an objective assessment?


Let Collins McHugh undertake a 2 day corporate social responsibility overview to provide you with the basic indicators of where you currently stand on the corporate social responsibility agenda.

Spending one day in your offices and speaking to key people regarding how you interact with your employees, customers, suppliers and a brief overview of any environmental or community activity within your organisation, will allow us to provide you with all the information you may require to get out of the starting blocks.

Day two will be the putting together of the report for your organisation including any recommendations, quick wins etc that we may identify, and any follow up phone calls to tidy up any loose ends.

Informal and informative, the process is likely to throw up more good practice than you think and establish a momentum to move forward.

Don’t sit on the fence any longer, pick up the phone and get started on this increasingly important agenda.

Lean and Green (£250 +VAT)

Aligning 'Lean4All' principles to the reduction of energy, carbon and waste.

All of our courses can be run as a bespoke course for your company.

Contact us at for more details.

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