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How to raise your CSR credentials

By Barry Collins on June 17, 2022 in Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety

We’re seeing increasingly creative and innovative ways our clients and their supply chains are working together to be more sustainable, and what better way to take stock, celebrate, network and raise your company’s and your supply chain’s CSR credentials than creating your own CSR Supplier Awards.


Open to all of Yodel’s suppliers, we worked with them to create the following award categories and eligibility criteria:  

Innovation – to deliver a planned product or service improvement to add value or offer new ways of working to benefit both their company and their customers

Environment – any element of their organisation showing environmental benefit relating to their product, service or internal operations aimed at reducing carbon emissions and waste

Community – the ways they support the communities in which they operate


We also designed the entry form, sourced the trophies (which are made from recycled material of course!), communicated with the entrants and planned the award ceremony.


There are many benefits to hosting CSR supplier awards, such as:

  • It encourages your supply chain to think sustainably

  • You can include the details within your CSR report – showing how you work with CSR conscious companies

  • Your suppliers pay a small fee to enter, which is standard practice, covering the majority of the costs – all we ask you to cover is the cost of the trophies which we’ll design and source

  • It’s a great PR and marketing opportunity for you, with any marketing your suppliers carry out around the awards also linking directly back to your business, creating wider brand awareness for you


We can work with you to ensure that you make the most of these benefits.


There are obviously benefits to your supplier who enter too:

  • The kudos of achieving a CSR award that they can document in their own CSR report and tenders

  • It gives them a platform to show you, their client, what they are doing around CSR

  • It’s an opportunity to network with your other suppliers at the awards event

  • It’s newsworthy, giving them content to share on social, on their website and within newsletters. Create an award logo to share with them and they can also display that on all their literature and email footers


Jason Lowry, Director of Procurement for Yodel, said of working with Collins McHugh “It was literally a “win win” situation for us. We wanted to recognise the commitment our supply chain has to CSR and really put a focus on it for our staff, customers and prospects. Collins McHugh made the whole process effortless, they were great to work with and we’re already talking about next year’s awards.”


If you’d like to raise your CSR credentials, just drop me an email

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