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Supplier Excellence Programme

Supplier Engagement

The supply chain or procurement function in any organisation should be at the forefront of sustainability best practice and innovation.


Companies should analyse carefully both their supply chains and how they engage them. A recent Guardian blog stated “unfortunately, the last few years have seen a decline in creative approaches and investment in strong supply chain engagement programmes. At the same time, the problems of unpaid wages, working hours, safe working conditions, freedom of association, environmental stewardship and workforce engagement have not improved as quickly as many stakeholders would like.”

To address this issue and to help our clients, Collins McHugh has developed a unique Excellence through Partnership (EtP) model, aimed at supporting sustainability in your supply chain.

The model consists of:

  • Six workshops focusing on social and environmental best practice

Delivering expertise in many areas including:

  • Energy efficiency and carbon reduction

  • Transport management

  • Waste management

  • Carbon footprinting

  • Community engagement

  • Health and safety

  • Social impact

  • Relevant legislation

  • Measurement systems

Find out more about our Excellence through Partnership model here.

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Stakeholder Mapping

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Community Engagement and Volunteering

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