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CSR Supplier Awards – Reaching New Audiences

This year, Collins McHugh worked with Yodel to support their first ever CSR Supplier Awards. As well as celebrating how creative and innovative their supply chain is when it comes to sustainability, with the correct marketing, the awards also helped to raise the profile of Yodel.

By utilising social media, content writing and issuing press releases, Yodel’s marketing team reached new audiences, whilst also showcasing their company values to work with suppliers who are activity undertaking a CSR strategy.


The following snippets, are a small sample of the coverage gained from this one event:



Yodel used twitter to tweet about the three separate award categories, including which suppliers were nominated for each award. By tagging in the companies involved, it encouraged them to retweet the post, reaching new audiences for Yodel and driving traffic to the website.


Use of Blogs

Yodel crafted a supplier awards blog on their website, including the shortlist of suppliers nominated for each category. Sharing the news of this blog with the nominees inspired some of them to write and promote their own blogs, inadvertently promoting Yodel.




Once the awards had taken place, Collins McHugh also wrote a blog on the supplier awards, to help showcase the benefits of hosting CSR Supplier Awards and to inspire other organisations to follow suit. This blog was shared on LinkedIn, promoting Yodel’s CSR credentials to Collin’s McHugh’s network.

Press Release

C3 published a press release after they won the award for the innovation category which was promoted on the online news platform CISION. 


After the event, Yodel announced the winners on a LinkedIn post, with eye catching photographs, a link to a blog covering all the details and again tagging the winning companies into the post. This strategy saw an impressive 170 post reactions, 7 comments and 15 reposts – without a doubt reaching new potential customers, employees and suppliers.

Just a few of the comments from the LinkedIn post:

Use of Instagram

Yodel also put out a post on Instagram of the three category winners gaining 32 likes.

Hosting your own CSR Supplier Awards will help you to reach new audiences, when it’s marketed correctly of course! And not just that of potential customers, but all stakeholders, including board members, trustees, the local community, future employees and suppliers. All equally as important. 


These awards help to prove that your company takes action when it comes to CSR, and that your suppliers are on that same journey of CSR improvement as your own organisation.


If you’d like more information around hosting your own CSR Supplier Awards, please get in touch by emailing

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