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Risk assessments: How little mistakes can lead to big problems

Steve has hit the ground running at Collins McHugh, but we asked him to spare a moment to shed some light on risk assessments and why they’re so important, not only to the safety of your team, but to help protect your bottom line too: 

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Welcoming Steve Giblin to Collins McHugh: Enhancing Health and Safety for Our Clients

We are delighted to now be able to offer the skills and expertise of Steve Giblin to our clients. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise that will greatly benefit any company who need to review or improve any aspect of their health and safety performance. 

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Beyond Greenwash: The Passion Driving Genuine Sustainability in Housing Development

This year has seen us working on a number of projects around social housing, shared ownership development, and retrofit projects of properties to meet the Government’s minimum energy efficiency standard of EPC band C for all tenancies by 2029. 

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Forests With Impact – proud to be part of the journey

Last month our MD Barry Collins spent a day at HMP Haverigg in Cumbria being a small part of a video to help launch the Forests with Impact project. Here’s what he had to say about it:

It can feel strange to be at a launch event for something you have been closely associated with for five or six years, but this really did feel like a launch pad! 

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The Awesome Anthropocene Goals …… are actually pretty awesome

‘Suspend Your Disbelief’ is the strapline for Futerra’s Awesome Anthropocene Goals a set of 20 goals which look to build upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015 and targeting significant change through 17 Goals (with 169 specific timebound targets) agreed by 193 countries.

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Founder looks back on 18 years of social value with Collins McHugh

In the year that YouTube launched, King Charles married Camilla, and the Conservative’s won the general election, a similar momentous happening in Cheshire led to a quiet revolution in the responsible business arena.

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What does good ESG look like?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) covers a range of issues including supply chain management, resource management and organisational health and safety.

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Dates for your diary

There are so many awareness days, mainly aimed at putting a spotlight on an issue that needs addressing, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, that it can sometimes have the opposite effect and see businesses not wanting to take part in any for fear of missing an important one out.

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CSR Supplier Awards – Reaching New Audiences

This year, Collins McHugh worked with Yodel to support their first ever CSR Supplier Awards. As well as celebrating how creative and innovative their supply chain is when it comes to sustainability, with the correct marketing, the awards also helped to raise the profile of Yodel.

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How to raise your CSR credentials

We’re seeing increasingly creative and innovative ways our clients and their supply chains are working together to be more sustainable, and what better way to take stock, celebrate, network and raise your company’s and your supply chain’s CSR credentials than creating your own CSR Supplier Awards.

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The changing landscape of mental health in the workplace

‘Mental health definition’, type that into google search bar and you will be met by an astonishing 3.24 billion results, yet there is not an agreed definition of mental health. This mirrors the position mental health has taken in our society, everyone is aware of it, and most are in pursuit of strengthening their mental health. However, unlike physical health it is rare that the cure can be as simple as a visit to the doctors. […]

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ESOS and SECR keeping up to date during COVID-19

By Barry Collins on April 21, 2020 in Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety

Though it is an incredibly difficult time for people, the economy and the day to day running of a business, there is still a requirement to keep your mandatory reporting up to date. The Government is taking a pragmatic approach an example being the following […]

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