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How to raise your CSR credentials

We’re seeing increasingly creative and innovative ways our clients and their supply chains are working together to be more sustainable, and what better way to take stock, celebrate, network and raise your company’s and your supply chain’s CSR credentials than creating your own CSR Supplier Awards.

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The changing landscape of mental health in the workplace

‘Mental health definition’, type that into google search bar and you will be met by an astonishing 3.24 billion results, yet there is not an agreed definition of mental health. This mirrors the position mental health has taken in our society, everyone is aware of it, and most are in pursuit of strengthening their mental health. However, unlike physical health it is rare that the cure can be as simple as a visit to the doctors. […]

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ESOS and SECR keeping up to date during COVID-19

By Barry Collins on April 21, 2020 in Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety

Though it is an incredibly difficult time for people, the economy and the day to day running of a business, there is still a requirement to keep your mandatory reporting up to date. The Government is taking a pragmatic approach an example being the following […]

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